My name is Isabella and I am the owner of the Swedish brand Trelika Swimwear.

My vision

My vision with Trelika Swimwear is to offer the latest in swimwear fashion. Our upcoming collection will be climate friendly and all our swimwear will be made by ECO- friendly materials. When you buy your swimwear from Trelika Swimwear you help cleaning up our oceans and save our planet. 

I also want to inspire and encourage other female entrepreneurs to build up their empires. I want other woman to spread love and knowlegde about self love, body positivity and help eachother grow instead of seeing other woman as competitors. 

Current collections & upcoming collections

We´re working on new swimwear designs that will be launched by summer 2020. 

As stated above our upcoming collection will be all climate friendly. Our current standard size range goes to up size L. But we can proudly present more sizes in our upcoming collections, from XS to XXL (with cup size C) and in the future we´ll launch all swimwear in even more sizes. 


Hope you will join us on the journey!

Connect with me on Instagram if you like! @belladeleuranlundqvist

Kind regards,